Eight Innovative Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you’re a gourmet cook or use it to reheat takeout. A well-designed kitchen makes it a pleasure to spend time there, even if you’re just sitting at the kitchen island to eat breakfast—a good one has plenty of storage space and helps you cook, rather than hindering your workflow. It should be a good place to gather and have plenty of room for your favorite appliances.

Scheduling a kitchen remodel in Tyler, TX gives you the opportunity to remedy any issues with your existing kitchen—and maybe even implement a few innovative ideas to take it to the next level. You should start with identifying your basic needs for the space, and then add the bells and whistles that will make your kitchen even more fun to work or gather in. Here are some of our favorite kitchen remodeling ideas:

  • Update your cabinet hardware: If your cabinets in Tyler, TX are still in good shape, consider re-staining or repainting them, then upgrade your cabinet hardware. Sleek matte metallic hardware is popular these days, and will create a modern, timeless look for your kitchen.
  • Upgrade your storage: Many of our clients want a storage upgrade—there’s simply not enough room to store the regular dishes and the fine china, or the slow cooker and the Instant Pot. Cabinetry and open shelving are great ways to make sure everything can be put away all at once.
  • Try quartz countertops: Quartz countertops are durable, beautiful and able to mimic the look of other stone (like fussy and high-maintenance marble) at a much lower price. Upgrade to these countertops for a beautiful new look that will last for decades.
  • Try a fun backsplash: Your backsplash can recede into the background, or you can make it the focal point of your kitchen. Try iridescent tile, interesting patterns and bright colors to draw the eye to the stove.
  • Color is key: Speaking of color, using it everywhere from the backsplash to painting the cabinetry is a great way to elevate your kitchen’s appearance. Try to choose a timeless pattern, and remember: the bolder the color, the more impact it will have—so cerulean might be best for a backsplash, while baby blue can be a soothing “all over” color for cabinets and fixtures.
  • Fix your flooring: As you’re upgrading your fixtures and cabinets, make sure you give some thought to your flooring. Consider using the same flooring material as the connecting rooms to make the space bigger.
  • Integrate your appliances: Hidden appliances can make your kitchen look seamless—consider hiding them behind your beautiful new cabinets.
  • Think about lighting: What’s the use of having a brand-new kitchen if you don’t have enough light to appreciate it? Think about upgrading your kitchen lighting, whether that’s with pendant lamps or under-the-cabinet lighting that makes it easier for you to see exactly what you’re doing on those shiny new quartz countertops.

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