Five Questions to Ask to Ensure You’re Choosing the Right General Contractor in Tyler, TX

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Picking a general contractor to remodel your home or build an addition can be tricky. There are so many different contractors that all seem so similar! Although they may look the same on the surface, once you dive a little deeper, you’ll quickly find out that all general contractors aren’t created equal. Choosing the wrong one can end in disaster for both your home and your wallet! Luckily, there are a few standard questions you can ask any general contractor in Tyler, TX when you’re on the hunt for someone to work on your home.

How long have you been in the industry?

In the general contracting world, experience is everything. Although no two jobs are exactly the same, you’ll want to find a general contractor that has been around the block and seemingly seen it all. The more years of experience a contractor has under his belt, the better suited he is to handle an issue that could arise in the construction or remodeling process.

But experience in the industry is about more than just actually working on the job site. General contractors need to know a lot of quality subcontractors, and years of experience in the industry is the best way to find them. Our team has over 24 years of combined industry experience, so you can trust that we’re able to meet all of these qualifications.

What types of projects do you work on?

Regardless of how many years of experience a contractor has in the industry, there’s no point in hiring him if he doesn’t perform the type of work you need completed! General contractors have specializations, and you’ll want to be sure you’re working with someone who is specialized in your specific remodel or addition project.

Are you licensed?

You want to be sure you’re working with a general contractor in Tyler, TX who has been licensed by the state to perform work. Getting a license for general contracting work isn’t as easy as getting a driver’s license. Contractors must prove to the board that they’re certified in the field in which they’re looking to be licensed.

Are you insured?

Choosing a general contractor who’s insured is perhaps the most important aspect of this process. If you’re not working with an insured contractor, you could be liable for any accidents that occur on your property. These include injuries to the construction crew, as well as damage to your home.

What’s the payment schedule?

Much like automotive repair, you should never pay for a general contractor’s services before the job is complete. Less than reputable contractors have been known to skip town as soon as they get a check! It’s common practice to pay contractors after agreed-upon stages of the construction project have been completed.

We know you have tons of choices when it comes to choosing a general contractor in Tyler, TX. Give Canfield Construction Management a call to ask us these questions, or any others that may pop into your mind. We look forward to providing answers and working with you in the future!

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