Knowing When You Need to Hire a General Contractor in Tyler, TX

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Sometimes, it can seem as though everything in your home goes wrong all at once. If you have a number of projects piling up in front of you, you’ve probably already considered hiring a professional for help with at least some of the work. The next choice you’ll have to make is whether you will hire a handyman or a general contractor in Tyler, TX. You might think that there isn’t much of a difference between the two, but it’s important to know what sets them apart and which one to call for your specific needs.

General contractor vs. handyman

The main difference between a general contractor and a handyman is the scope of the work that they do. In general, people hire a handyman to handle smaller, more specific projects like installing windows or replacing appliances. General contractors are responsible for managing a larger series of projects that involve several different professionals to complete. By hiring a number of subcontractors, general contractors are able to ensure that all of the necessary work is completed with a high degree of care, and they are responsible for monitoring the work that is being done to ensure quality. You can determine whether you will need a general contractor or a handyman by considering a few things about your project:

  • There are many different types of projects that have to be worked on: If you have multiple projects of different types that must be completed, you will probably benefit from the services of a general contractor. If you need new cabinets, updated wiring and appliance installation as a part of a kitchen remodel, this will require several different subcontractors, and a general contractor will be able to work with all of these professionals to complete the project.
  • There are multiple permits involved: Some construction and renovation projects will require several permits to complete. In these cases, a general contractor will be able to handle all of the complicated regulations that apply to your project and coordinate permits.
  • Your job takes more than a week: A longer project or remodel requires a significant amount of scheduling and coordination to pull off. These long-term projects should be handled by a general contractor, who will be able to manage the project more effectively.

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