Five Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roof Contractor in Tyler, TX

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If you’ve ever needed the help of a roof contractor in Tyler, TX for your home or business, you know that there are tons of different companies in our area. Since each company seems to offer the same service for about the same rates, choosing the right one can be tricky! Thankfully, there are some quick questions you can ask to determine which contractor is right for the job. Keep reading to learn what you need to ask the next time you need roofing work completed at your home or commercial property.

Do you have insurance?

Before you go any further interviewing a potential roofing contractor, you’ll want to make sure they have the right insurance. Without insurance, you could be liable for any damages to your home or injuries that occur while workers are on the job. Additionally, not having insurance is a sign that the roofer isn’t trustworthy or credible. When you hire Canfield Construction Management, you can rest easy knowing we’re licensed, bonded and insured to work in Texas.

Can I call your references?

Any credible roofing company should have plenty of references you can call. You can find out more about the former customers’ overall experience with the company. Needless to say, if a customer doesn’t have anything good to say about the roofer, you should probably avoid that roofer at all costs! Meanwhile, if the roofing contractor won’t give you references, you can deduce that they have few satisfied customers, or that they have something to hide.

What are your payment terms?

Discussing how you’ll pay for the work is obviously an important part of the roofer/customer relationship. Be sure to find out what forms of payment the contractor accepts and when the contractor expects to be paid. More importantly, don’t pay a deposit that’s more than 10 percent of the total estimate. Also, never pay a deposit before the materials arrive on site. Untrustworthy roofers might take your deposit and never actually show up to do the job!

What warranties do you offer?

Any qualified roof contractor in Tyler, TX will offer a warranty for their work and the materials they use for the job. A warranty is a sign that the company stands by their work and the materials they use. If the roofer doesn’t offer a warranty, or if the warranty is just for a short time, you should tell the roofer, “Thanks, but no thanks!”

Do you clean up afterwards?

Repairing or replacing a roof is only part of the job. After the roof has been installed your house or business, a reputable roofing company will clean up the job site and ensure the property looks like it did before they arrived. You can trust that our team expertly cleans up all of our job sites to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Give Canfield Construction Management a call today and ask us any of these questions above. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with what you learn about us, and will look forward to working with us in the future!

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