Seven Keys to Successful Home Remodeling in Tyler, TX This Summer

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So, you’ve finally had it with your outdated kitchen, your ugly bathroom or your tiny family room and you are ready to pull the trigger on a remodel. Congratulations! It’s a big step, but one you will be glad you took when it’s all finished. However, there are several things you’ll need to figure out before you get that update you’ve been dreaming of.

Here are seven keys to successful home remodeling in Tyler, TX this summer:

  • Sketch or write down your ideas: Okay, so you want a bigger pantry or a walk-in closet, but you need to think carefully about how it will integrate into your daily routine. Sketching out your plans is an essential first step in this journey. Think about things like where new doorways will be, how new walls might change the flow through a room and whether you can simply add to the space or you need more room altogether.
  • Plan well: Before contacting a contractor for your remodeling project, be sure you’ve done your research. You need to be able to communicate your desires in detail, meaning you should be able to bring to the table pictures, drawings, articles and more. This way, your designer and builder will know and understand your vision.
  • Hire an experienced contractor: Now that you have your ideas on paper, take them to a trusted contractor to have an honest conversation about what can be done within your budget and what is an unachievable dream. If you’ve chosen your contractor well, they will do everything in their power to finish your project and keep it within your budget. If they see something that they suspect might be a mistake in your planning, they’ll talk you out of it.
  • Create a budget: Know how much you can spend, but be flexible. Allow room in your budget for emergency or unplanned project costs. Too often, remodels hit snags and are forced to take an alternate course of action with new costs. Plan with some padding—expect the worst, but hope for the best.
  • Remodel when the time is right: Maybe your oldest kid is finally headed off to college, or the weather in your area is going to be unseasonably dry—maybe these are the times when you should move forward with your remodel. The fewer things that can get in the way or go wrong, the better!
  • Consider your builder’s suggestions: Chances are, your contractor has seen a few things in their time on the job, so consider their knowledge your ticket to success. If they see a problem or anticipate that you might not like a change in the long run, hear them out.
  • Ask for everything in writing: As we have advocated in the past, getting agreements in writing can be the difference between a nicely finished project and a very frustrating lawsuit. Written contracts help everyone understand their part in your remodel and keep things moving in the right direction.

Is this the summer you move forward on that long-awaited home project? Call the team at Canfield Construction Management to speak with a remodeling contractor in Tyler, TX today!

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