Picking the Right Materials for Your Deck

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It can be hard to determine which material is best for your new deck construction, as this decision can be driven by several unique factors. That is why a local deck contractor in Tyler, TX is here to tell you a little bit more about some of the material options available to you, so you can make the best decision for your home:

  • Pressure-treated lumber: As the most economical and accessible option available, pressure-treated lumber is used for 75 percent of new deck installations across the country. The material is easy to cut and fasten, which helps keep installation costs relatively low. Since the wood is constructed to withstand rot and pests during the treatment process, pressure treated lumber is a very durable option as well.
  • Redwood or cedar: For those who want to project the most aesthetically appealing look, a natural wood such as redwood or cedar is the best choice. Because these woods are unaltered by a bunch of chemicals and preservatives, they maintain their rich color and beauty. The absence of these chemicals also allows the oils of the wood to naturally work and protect your deck from the threat of rotting and insects.
  • Imported wood: If you are looking for a heavyweight, rich-grained wood that is deep in color, a tropical hardwood such as cumaru, tigerwood or ipe is for you. These woods are naturally dense, and are also resistant to decay and insect infestations. Because these woods are so hard, they can be difficult to drill through, but an experienced deck installer will be able to make sure the wood is fastened securely without issue.
  • Composite and plastic decking: Composite material is made of wood fibers and recycled plastic, and is becoming an increasingly popular decking material option. A similar option, plastic lumber, is made of 100 percent plastic, without any wood fibers. Because of their material makeup, these options are both extremely resistant to weather conditions, and won’t splinter, warp or rot.
  • Aluminum: Although it’s one of the more expensive decking options, aluminum is actually far lighter than other materials, while being almost twice as resilient. With aluminum, you won’t have to worry about the material catching fire, rotting or being eaten away by wood-boring bugs. Aluminum is also extremely resistant to weathering conditions, and particularly the sun, due to the material’s heat dispersion characteristics. When finished with a powder coat, you won’t ever have to worry about your deck peeling or chipping.

To learn more about your wood decking options and which one would be the best for your home, contact the team at Canfield Construction Management. We take pride in helping homeowners in the area build something truly special, and as some of the premier deck contractors in Tyler, TX, we will use that same precision and craftsmanship with your new deck construction as well. Give us a call to schedule your consultation so we can begin transforming your home right away—we look forward to working with you soon!

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