How to Find New Space in Your House

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Sometimes it may feel like your home is cluttered and claustrophobic. You’ve done a thorough cleaning and reorganizing, and yet it still feels like you don’t have enough elbow room.

Your first instinct might be to add space onto your home. This will, of course, ultimately solve the problem of having too little space. However, a large addition will also take lots of time and be expensive. An alternative many people don’t realize is reconfiguring the space in your home so it just feels larger.

When you complete bathroom or kitchen remodeling in Tyler, TX, you can achieve that bigger home feeling without breaking the bank. Here are some creative ways to find more space in your home without expanding the square footage.

Kitchen configuration

One classic option for kitchen remodeling is to do a partial wall removal. By dropping a wall to waist level, visual lines open up and help make the space feel bigger.

Where the walls are placed can make a big difference, too. Open-plan kitchens are ideal for putting the appliances against the back wall so that they don’t interrupt the cabinets, and also make the room more spacious.

Additionally, which colors you use can make a huge difference. Think about how a lighter color and the addition of natural light could brighten up the room. This really applies to anywhere in the house—adding mirrors, for example, can create the illusion of additional space.

Time to add more storage

Do you have dead space that’s not contributing to your home’s functionality? Then maybe it’s time that it started pulling its weight! For example, you could convert that little hidey-hole under the stairs into a closet. Any nooks and crannies are potential gold mines for storage space.

By doing so, you can make your home instantly less cluttered. Moving your possessions into distinct storage spaces will clear out the home, thereby making it feel more livable and breathable. You don’t have to be tripping over your child’s toys anymore!

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