How to Prepare Your Home—and Yourself—for Home Remodeling in Tyler, TX

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So, you’re about to pull the trigger on that home remodeling project—good for you! Hopefully you’ve thought about what that means, beyond just which room you are overhauling and how much it’s going to cost. Truth be told, there are a lot of things to consider now that your house is going to be a construction zone for the next few months. While it will all be worth it when all is said and done, there are logistics that need to be worked out before the workers show up ready to get started.

How do you prepare your home and yourself for professional home remodeling in Tyler, TX? Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently neglected things associated with a remodeling project:

  • Avoid a scheduling fiasco: Work, school, eating, sleep and a social life are normally scheduled into our daily routines, and they can all suffer if your project is not carefully thought out. For example, having your kitchen remodeled will undoubtedly throw off getting the kids fed and off to school in the mornings. In this situation, it might make more sense for a crew to start working after 8 or 9 a.m., once the family has cleared out of the house. If you have vacation coming up and trust your construction crew, you might consider giving them full access to the house to get it done with no interruptions.
  • Think about the animals: Pets can throw a proverbial wrench into the works. While cats can be tucked away in a bedroom for longer periods of time (with their litter box and food, of course), dogs often require a bit more planning. If they are not accustomed to herds of construction workers ripping through your house, you’re in for a lot of barking and an overall headache. If possible, consider asking friends, family or a neighbor to dog-sit, or take your dog to a pet resort during the daytime.
  • Make mealtimes work: We often take the kitchen for granted when it comes to our favorite rooms in the house. While living rooms and bedrooms get all the love, kitchens are where all the cooking and washing up happens—it’s a pretty essential space, when you think about it. Before diving into a full-scale remodel, consider how you will survive without full access to your stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. Some people can get by with eating out more often, but you can also plan ahead by doing some meal prep in advance and freezing appropriate, microwave-size portions.
  • Protect the important stuff: Professional remodelers are bound to be careful around your prized possessions, but it still doesn’t hurt to take appropriate precautions. If you have priceless family heirlooms sitting around, consider wrapping them in bubble wrap and moving them away from all the action. The same goes for furniture and appliances that need to be protected. Essentially, if you care about it at all, be proactive about protecting it.

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