A Buyer’s Guide to Attached vs. Detached Garages

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There are two options for residential garages: you can either add a garage space that’s attached to your house, or one that’s built somewhere else on your property. Seems like a simple decision, right? Not quite—it can actually turn into a real building dilemma for any homeowner wanting to construct a new garage. What are the benefits of each option? What are the potential downsides? Which is the absolute best for your needs?

If you have a choice of whether to add an attached or detached garage but are not sure which one to pick, schedule a consultation with a trusted garage builder in Tyler, TX. A professional will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of both types of garages so you can make the best decision for you.


Even though professional garage builders will know the laws, rules and regulations associated with construction projects in your area, it would behoove homeowners to do some of their own research. Before deciding which type of garage to build, reach out to your county and check on the zoning requirements for your area. For instance, you might find out an attached garage requires more expensive building permits than a detached garage. Permits for attached garages may also be harder to get. Live in an HOA community? Your association may have restrictions on the type and size of the garage you can build.

Lot size and shape

Homeowners frequently overlook an important detail, but it’s a detail a professional builder would know to consider: you must take lot size and shape into account. Knowing these measurements can actually help make your decision easier, especially if you come to find that the space will only allow room for one option over the other. Take, for example, a narrow lot that stretches far back on your property—a detached garage may be a great fit for this shape, but an attached garage can leave more yard space for you and your family to use. And if you have a big, wide parcel of land, building an attached garage is likely to fill up much of the space.

Planned use

Whether you want an attached or detached garage, you need to ask yourself what you actually want to use your garage for. For starters, is it because you don’t want to park your vehicle in the elements and you would like direct access from your garage to the main part of your house? If so, an attached garage is the best option. Do you want a woodworking shop or auto shop? Take a closer look at detached garage options that offer privacy, more space and less noise for people inside the house.

Health risks

Believe it or not, there are potential health risks that come with building a new garage. Let’s start with attached garages—you need to have adequate ventilation to prevent toxic fumes like car exhaust, paint and more from entering your house through the shared door. Having a detached garage means not worrying about these chemicals getting into your home.

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