Best Materials to Consider When Building a New Deck in Tyler, TX

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In the old days, there weren’t many choices for decking. You had the choice of wood or… a different wood. The differences were largely found in the types of wood. But today, modern materials are making decks better, stronger and more cost effective. Materials like plastics, composites and even metal have changed the game completely. The benefits of these newer options include a better match to your home and a better fit to your family’s lifestyle.

Here are some of the most popular decking materials on the market to consider for your new deck in Tyler, TX.


Composites are a very popular and versatile option for just about any home and lifestyle. They are made with plastic and wood fibers and can be stained (or not) to match the surrounding environment. The plastic makes the material more resistant to mildew and mold, but it can also make certain brands slick when it rains. Composite materials are heavier than wood, so keep this in mind when planning your deck. Composites not only last for a long time, but they can also support weight like their wooden counterparts.


Plastic decking takes the right scenario to look great. While some options are well made, there are less expensive options that can look cheap and unattractive. This option is made from PVC, meaning it can get slick when it gets wet. Unfortunately, the often hollow design of this option makes it more prone to sagging than many of the other materials. The other downside to plastic decking is structural. Because it is a weaker material, features like spas and heavy outdoor furniture are best kept off of it.


Sometimes the classics just look the best, but wood comes with its own problems. It can be expensive, needs regular maintenance and can sag and warp. It can also crack, and prolonged exposure to wet leaves and water can lead to staining and mold. On the plus side, wood can be re-stained to match new exterior paint. When it comes to strength, wood is time tested and can shoulder the burden of outdoor patio sets and spas. If you need structural integrity, wood will do the job. Talk to your local deck contractor in Tyler, TX today about taking advantage of wood decking materials.


Aluminum is a popular choice for smaller decks, and has some very strong pros and cons. It is not right for everyone. For starters, it’s strong and durable, locks together and won’t let water seep through onto the surface below. The other side of that is that it’s fairly unattractive for most suburban settings, and it’s pricy. While you won’t get the sagging and slickness of some of the other options, you’ll pay a premium for it.

If you have questions about deck construction and your decking material options, contact the pros at Canfield Construction Management. Call us to speak with a knowledgeable deck contractor in Tyler, TX today. We look forward to working on your project soon!

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