Quick Production Homes vs. Custom Homes

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What are your future home plans? Are you ready to construct your dream estate? Are you looking for a turn-key home that will be ready quickly? As you weigh your options, it’s important to determine whether choosing a quick production home or hiring custom home builders in Tyler, TX will be best for your needs.

To make this decision, you must be aware of what each type of construction process offers. Following are a few of the basics and some advantages of each. Use this guide to decide which is a good fit for your future home.

Quick Production Homes

Production builders works differently than custom home builders in Tyler, TX. These contractors create multiple homes simultaneously. The homes are based on premade designs that offer some personalization options. Homeowners can choose one of the available floor plans and the features they want from a list of options.

This simple and quick method offers a few advantages.

First, the home building process is faster. Production builders are adept at mass-producing homes and delivering them quickly. If you need a home completed quickly, this is a good option.

Second, production homes are often more economical than custom homes. The cost to build them is reduced by the lack of customization.

Third, a production home can be simpler. If the thought of making decisions about every aspect of the home building process feels overwhelming, a quick production home is probably better for you than a custom home.

Custom Homes

If you partner with a custom home builder in Tyler, TX, you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind home that is built with you and your family in mind. These builders offer a wide range of choices to fully personalize your floor plan and finishes and can work with you to build on a lot of your choosing.

Custom home builders in Tyler, TX offer some unique benefits to home buyers.

The biggest advantage is being able to get exactly what you want. If you shop for an existing home or choose a quick production home, you may get most of what you want, but you’ll probably have to compromise in at least one area. With a custom home, you get to work with a builder to design precisely the rooms, sizes, fixtures and finishes that you desire for your dream home.

The second advantage of custom home builders in Tyler, TX is lot selection. Quick production homes are usually built in a subdivision on standard lots. The neighborhood has been preplanned, and you simply choose one of the homes that’s available. With a custom home, you can buy a lot in a location you desire and make arrangements for your home construction there.

Get Expert Input

Do you have additional questions about your home construction options? Whether you are ready for an entirely new home or want to renovate your existing house, the professionals at Canfield Construction Management are ready to assist you. We offer in-depth knowledge of the industry and an experienced team who can answer your questions and walk you through this process. Contact us today!

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