Great Ideas for Garage Conversions and Renovations

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Your garage is a unique place on your property. Whether it’s attached to the home or free-standing, multi-level or single and includes space for multiple cars or just one, it’s unlikely you’re utilizing it to your biggest benefit. Many families only have one or two cars and can park them in the driveway or on the street, freeing up space in the garage.

Garage conversion projects are allowing homeowners to create new spaces on their property without paying for a new room to be constructed from scratch. Instead of letting your garage get filled with lawn equipment, storage bins and junk you just need to get out of the house, contact a renovation contractor in Tyler, TX and get an estimate on one of these awesome garage renovations.

Hobby space

One of the most popular renovations for garages is to transform them into hobby spaces, where your family members can retreat to focus on building their skills and taking time for themselves. For some, this might not even require much renovation.

Car enthusiasts can continue to use their garage for parking and hobbies by adding storage, car lifts and other unique aspects to the garage interior to create a vehicular haven. Those who are more into crafts or music can renovate their garages to incorporate storage, soundproofing and lounge areas to practice their crafts.

Bar area

Garages also make excellent bar spaces for entertaining guests. Insulate your garage and add a wet bar, seating and interesting lighting so you can use it year-round. In the summer, you’ll be able to open the garage door and enjoy the fresh air while mingling between the garage and outside during parties and barbecues.

Interesting flooring, dim lighting and a new see-through or windowed garage door will take your garage bar to the next level.

Home gym

Because of its rugged interior, your garage is the perfect place for a home gym! There’s no need to worry about damaging the flooring with barbells, weights and heavy equipment. All you need is quality concrete, some padded areas and your gym equipment.

An attached sauna, steam room and shower can also transform the space, giving you a retreat to focus on your workouts.

Guest bedroom

Garages also make excellent bedrooms. These are especially useful if the garage is detached from the home. You can create an in-law suite or bedroom for a teen or young adult who wants an extra level of privacy, or simply a guest house for out-of-town visitors.

Be mindful of renovation costs

Renovations aren’t always cheap, so before you begin your quest to turn your garage into the next amazing space in your home, create a budget and identify the key features you need in the space to start with.

Garage flooring will probably be an important piece, as will updating the walls and insulating them. You may also need to replace the garage door if it’s old or breaking down.

Fortunately, using the garage as a base for a new living space will save you about half the cost of construction, since you won’t need to create a foundation, walls or roof.

To help you work through the costs and must-haves of construction, contact Canfield Construction Management. As a premier renovation contractor in Tyler, TX, we can help you through all the steps of construction, renovation and remodeling to create the unique garage space of your dreams.

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