Five Tips for DIY Home Remodeling Projects

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Put down the hammer and tool belt, and step away from that ladder! Before you decide to take on your own home remodeling improvements, really consider if you can handle such an undertaking. While there are a number of remodeling jobs the average homeowner can do on their own, there are also many that are very complex. These bigger projects require the skills of an experienced contractor who can ensure things are done correctly and efficiently.

So, can you handle the project at hand? Below are five tips from a general contractor in Tyler, TX for do-it-yourself home remodeling projects:

  • Put a plan on paper: You may already have a few ideas sketched out. Don’t worry if you don’t, but now is the time to draw up a simple plan to help you figure out the materials and tools you’ll need to get. A basic plan does not need to include every single detail, just enough to give you a visual of what you want your house to look like when the project is complete. Grab some graph paper (let each square equal one foot), rulers and a pencil and lay out your thoughts.
  • Create a budget and do your own estimate: Knowing the average price other homeowners paid for similar DIY renovations will help you set a budget so you can begin calculating your potential costs. Another important must is estimating your jobs in the order in which they should be done. For example, the likelihood that something has to be removed is high. This is considered demolition, so include the time it’ll take to do that, including proper disposing of debris. Then there’s plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall and HVAC, all of which require materials, labor and money.
  • Gather tools and equipment: You can’t do DIY home remodeling with the wrong tools. If you don’t own professional-grade tools and equipment, rent, don’t buy. Book rentals for the day you need them (half a day, full days or by the week), and make sure the rental company shows you how to operate the equipment.
  • Split up the renovation project: While a homeowner can likely do smaller home remodeling projects completely on their own, more difficult jobs call for a remodeling contractor. Or, you can first hire a contractor to do the more complex tasks, then you do the rest. Another option is to be a kind of assistant to a professional remodeler. Most contractors understand that some homeowners enjoy being a part of the project while leaving the bulk of the work to a pro.
  • Contact your local building department: It’s important to contact your county’s local building codes department before starting a home renovation—especially if you plan to do it yourself. An official can tell you the rules and regulations you must follow, whether you need a permit, etc.

If you would like to speak with a general contractor in Tyler, TX about home remodeling projects, feel free to reach out to Canfield Construction Management. We look forward to working with you!

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