Why a Garage Can Be More Than Just Extra Storage for Your Home

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When you consider taking on a new home addition project, you might consider going with new garage building in Tyler, TX, or at least adding on to an existing one. This might not exactly be the most exciting kind of home addition project for you to take on, but there are a lot of practical benefits to performing this kind of work.

Of course, more garage space means more room for vehicles and more potential places for you to increase the storage you have available in your home. This is especially beneficial if you have a garage that’s attached to your home. But you don’t have to think of an investment in new garage building in Tyler, TX as only being for storage—there are plenty of other ways you can make the most out of increased garage space, many of which can actually be fun and interesting.

Here are just a few examples of some of the ways you can turn a garage addition into more than just extra storage space for your home:

  • Shops: Is woodworking a big hobby? Perhaps you enjoy tinkering with cars, motorcycles or other vehicles? Either way, if you’ve been longing for a shop space to call your own, it can be highly beneficial to add some space onto your garage to make it happen. Many people use basement spaces as their shops, but depending on the layout of your home (and whether or not you even have a basement) this may or may not be possible. Building out your shop in your garage gives you a dedicated space for your hobby and opens up some extra opportunities for you to create some vacuum and ventilation systems for your work.
  • Man caves: We’ve worked with a lot of clients on designing their ideal “man caves” in all kinds of spaces, including garages, sheds, barns and basements. You can transform your garage (or at least part of your garage) into another functional part of your home that you can use for entertaining yourself or others. Finish off the walls, make sure the space is heated and air conditioned, throw in some comfortable furniture and a big screen television, add some lighting and other amenities and you’ll have a man cave that will make all of your friends jealous.
  • Additions over the garage: Don’t just think about what you can do inside the garage space—consider also what you can do above Building your garage up could also potentially open up the opportunity for you to add living space over the garage, depending on the configuration of your house. This could be a great way to add an extra bedroom, build out a master suite or give yourself another place you can hang out and spend time with your family.

For more information about the various options available to you when taking on garage home additions in Tyler, TX, reach out to the team at Canfield Construction Management today. We look forward to showing you how we can help you make your dream garage a reality!

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