Buy a New Home or Remodel Your Current One? The Benefits of Each Option

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If you’re not fully satisfied with what you have in your current home and want to be able to better customize your living space, then you have two options: remodel your existing home, or build a new home. Your decision will likely come down to the type and level of dissatisfaction you have with your current home and which approach would be wiser for you to take financially. Here’s a quick look at what you should know.

New home building benefits in Tyler, TX

Here are just a few benefits you can get from building your own custom home:

  • Total control: You can completely control every aspect of the design, from how the building will be laid out to the exact kinds of materials you’ll use in each room. You can pass off any decisions you want to the contractors you’re working with, but ultimately you have the power to decide everything.
  • Energy efficiency: When designing a custom home from scratch, you can make energy efficiency a priority. This means implementing energy-efficient appliances and using sustainable materials during the construction process, among other steps you can take to reduce the home’s carbon footprint.
  • Potential savings: There are some circumstances in which building a new home can be less expensive than modifying an existing one, especially if your current home is a potential money pit or simply does not have a space or layout that’s conducive to the kinds of changes you want to make.

Remodeling your home benefits in Tyler, TX

Here are a few benefits associated with remodeling your existing home instead of building a new one:

  • You don’t have to move: Nobody loves going through the moving process—it’s a massive inconvenience and involves a lot of time, stress and money. Remodeling allows you to stay in the same place, avoiding that stress and the requirement that you say goodbye to the many memories you made in your family home. You also get to stay in your neighborhood, which is a big benefit if you love where you’re living.
  • Home equity loans: If you’ve built up a lot of equity in your home, you can potentially take out a home equity loan to pay for the remodel. Borrowing against your home equity can be a lot less hassle and less expensive than taking out a brand-new mortgage.
  • Cost savings: There are a variety of other ways in which you can save money by remodeling. Obviously, most remodeling projects are going to be less expensive than building a new house. You also get to avoid the costs associated with moving and selling your home, including all the commissions, moving costs and other expenses you’d have to pay to fix up your home before selling it off.

These are just a few considerations to take into account when deciding whether to build a home or remodel your home in Tyler, TX. For more information, we encourage you to contact the team of skilled home contractors at Canfield Construction Management today.

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