Environmentally-Friendly Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

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Weatherization is the process of sealing off drafts and otherwise protecting your home from the elements in order to save money on your utility bills. When your home is sealed off from the weather outside, it’s easier to regulate temperature—you won’t be dealing with chilly drafts or hot summer air coming in through gaps in the doors, window frames or attic.

You can actually design your home remodel with weatherization and energy efficiency performance in Tyler, TX in mind. While many people utilize weather-stripping and DIY insulation to achieve some of these results, weatherizing during a home remodel makes the goal to reduce energy use in that specific new or renovated space.

Where to begin

When you’re designing a home remodeling project around weatherization needs, your first step is to get a home energy audit. Your utility company may offer them for free or at a discount, but if they don’t, there are professional home energy auditors available who can do the job. The audit will allow you to pinpoint specific problems with your home and where you might be losing money.

Once you have the audit, compare it to your energy bills to see where and when the biggest spikes occur. Then you can adjust your plan accordingly.

Weatherization during home remodels

Here are some of the things you can do to increase your home’s energy efficiency during a remodel:

  • Increase your insulation: In a lot of older homes, either the insulation isn’t up to modern standards or it has shrunk or shifted over time. You can take the opportunity to increase attic and wall insulation.
  • Roof repairs: Old roofs are notorious for wasting energy, as they allow heat and cool air to escape, not to mention the damage that water leaks can cause during the rainy season.
  • Air sealing: Roofs aren’t the only places air can escape—gaps around your doors and windows as well as other key locations will waste money faster than you can say, “Is it hot in here?”
  • Moisture barriers: We also recommend using moisture barriers, which are designed to keep the humidity at a normal level while also preventing against the structural damage that comes from water intrusion.
  • Roof, window and door replacement: Sometimes weather-stripping measures won’t cut it—you may want to entirely replace your roof and doors, as well as exchange your windows for energy-efficient models designed to cut down on your utility costs.

Weatherization for energy efficiency performance in Tyler, TX

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