Loft Conversions: What Are My Options?

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Loft conversions allow you to maximize space in your home and increase your property value, but it can be challenging to plan this type of project. To help you get started, it’s important to understand more about what they entail and familiarize yourself with different loft conversion types in Tyler, TX. Keep reading for some helpful advice to get you started on your next big home project.

Understanding the basics

With a loft conversion, homeowners can transform an empty and unused loft or attic space into a fully-functional, finished living space. Loft conversions can be used for all kinds of purposes, including bedrooms, fitness rooms and home offices. Regardless of how you choose to use your space, there are some basic loft conversion types in Tyler, TX to consider for your home:

  • Velux loft conversions: Velux is a company that makes skylights and roof windows, and this type of loft conversion is a simple option that doesn’t require any major structural changes to the home. This type of conversion is constructed inside an attic or loft and uses existing head room to create a functional space. These conversions often include the addition of windows to improve natural light and make the space more livable. The simplicity of these conversions makes them relatively quick and simple to complete.
  • Hip to gable conversions: Hip to gable conversions expand one side of your home’s attic to increase the amount of usable space and create a functional loft space. While these conversions require some changes to your home’s roof and walls, they typically don’t require permitting because they maximize your living space without expanding the actual footprint of your home.
  • Rear dormer conversions: Rear dormer conversions are a very popular loft conversion option. This conversion pushes out the rear of the roof to maintain a sloped roof on the front of the house. These conversions are popular because they maintain the overall appearance of the home’s façade while creating an extra functional space on the top floor. Many homeowners add skylights to the sloped roof to increase natural light in the loft space. These loft conversions usually require a permit to complete because of the extent of the changes being made to the roof.
  • Mansard conversions: Like rear dormer conversions, mansard conversions are usually built at the rear of a home. Because these conversions require changes to the roof and framing of the home, a permit is usually required for construction. This type of conversion creates a flat roof on top, with a gently sloping modified roof on one side.

Loft conversion types in Tyler, TX

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