When Will Your Home Renovation Be Complete?

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Waiting on your home remodel to be complete likely leaves you feeling like a kid anticipating Christmas morning. You probably wanted to see your new additions or upgraded kitchen yesterday. However, home renovation duration in Tyler, TX depends on the extent of the project and how the various stages proceed. Here is a general overview of a typical home renovation timeline and how long each step may take:

  • Research stage: When you decide to renovate your home, that is when you start the research stage. During this time, you determine your budget, look at the styles of renovation available, find ideas and inspiration to make it yours and build the plans in your mind. You may even talk to other people who recently went through a remodeling project. Depending on how quickly you make decisions, this stage can take two weeks to two months or more.
  • Planning stage: Now that you have ideas, get them on paper. You may sketch or use software. Perhaps you’d feel better talking it over with a designer and watching your concepts come to life through their drawings. Some clients may plan for as long as six months, especially if their ideas are complex. However, the quick planners may complete this step in as little as two months.
  • Pre-construction stage: The pre-construction stage can easily be renamed the compliance stage, and it is often the most time consuming, especially for larger projects. This is when we determine which permits are necessary and if there are any zoning requirements that limit elements of the plan. As the process goes on, construction managers will map out a master plan and find trade and material contractors for your project. This will also include soliciting bids and finding the best quality for the fairest price. A small project requires around three months of pre-construction planning, but larger ones could take closer to six months.
  • Construction stage: This is exactly what it sounds like! Your renovation becomes reality as we start building. All the materials are together, the permits are in order and workers are ready to start. Estimated time for construction is usually four to six weeks for every $80,000 spent on a building contract.
  • Completion stage: Construction is done, and now it’s time to sign off on the work. During completion, you will inspect the work and see if it meets standards. We will schedule inspections for code compliance, especially if we reworked HVAC or plumbing. Our managers will review warranties with you and let you know when those expire. If there are any defects, we will fix them and arrange for any follow-up inspections. Depending on project complexity, this can take up to three months.

We know you are excited for your renovations. At Canfield Construction Management, we use our expertise to make each home renovation timeline as seamless as possible. Located in Tyler, TX, our dedication to your project may actually reduce your home renovation duration and have you enjoying your home’s new features sooner rather than later. Contact us today to start the process.

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