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Your bathroom can be a utilitarian place to do business—or a beautiful sanctuary, if it’s done right. Having a beautiful and peaceful bathroom is a great source of comfort for homeowners, and if your bathrooms aren’t quite there yet, renovations in Tyler, TX can help get you back on trend.

Here are the most popular bathroom remodeling ideas for 2020.

Statement mirrors

Mirrors are part of any functional bathroom, but adding a statement mirror (or a few) can make your space look ultramodern and beautiful. Whether you choose to go with wall-to-wall mirrors or add a functional yet decoratively-shaped statement mirror, this feature adds a lot of space, style and class to your bathroom.

One cohesive material

The 1980s are back, but in a much more refined way. Using one material for your entire bathroom, from floors to walls to the ceiling, is a good way to make the space look bigger and more cohesive. The most commonly used material is tile, but you can also play with marble, wood and more to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Decorative tile

Tile is even more versatile these days—you can find hundreds of varieties to work with, including tiles of unusual shapes and sizes. We suggest that if you use unusually-shaped or graphically-different tiles, you opt for using them judiciously—an accent wall or a floor will highlight the more unusual types. On the other hand, you can use neutral tiles to enhance your entire bathroom.


Marble has long been one of the most luxurious bathroom trends, largely because it is not only gorgeous, but classic. Today, designers are doing a lot with large marble slabs. They’re expensive, but can create a beautiful open look. The only thing you should try to avoid is using multiple variations of marble (tile, slab and more). That can make the space look unfinished or jumbled, which decreases your home’s value.

Since marble is a very porous material, invest in this judiciously during your bathroom renovations in Tyler, TX—maybe marble countertops are out, but a shower would work.


Wood has increasingly become more popular in recent times. Wood floors, drawers and other accents can add a natural, modern-yet-rustic look to your bathroom. Naturally, your sinks and showers may not be the best place for wood accents, but floors, drawers and walls are great ways to take advantage of the look of wood without setting yourself up for replacement issues later.


Technology is making modern lives so much more interesting and connected—and that goes for our bathrooms, too. “Smart” heated floors are a perennial favorite, but new innovations make it possible for you to set your shower at a specific temperature, hide appliances under the sink, enjoy music or television and otherwise make your bathroom a place of total relaxation and comfort.

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