Popular Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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Your bathroom can be utilitarian and boring—or you can upgrade it to make it a beautiful haven to relax, prepare for your day or unwind in the evening. Some people remodel their bathroom to accommodate aging-in-place standards, while others want to make it more accessible for their growing family. A great bathroom remodel project in Tyler, TX can offer years of enjoyment, so long as you make smart choices.

Here are some of the most popular bathroom makeover ideas to consider:

  • Upgrade your shower or bathtub: Bathtubs and showers can be basic and practical—or they can be luxurious and practical. You might consider installing a sleek glass walk-in shower and separate tub to make it even easier to relax in your upgraded space. Some clients expand their bathrooms specifically for this purpose.
  • Use efficient fixtures: Water efficiency is an important focus in this day and age, and many clients request using efficient fixtures to help save money and resources over the long run. Ask your bathroom remodeling contractor in Tyler, TX whether they have any particular models they recommend, and why.
  • Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation: Lots of people overlook ventilation when they’re updating their bathrooms, but that’s a mistake—your bathroom needs to be able to circulate air so mildew and mold don’t take over the room. Too much moisture can cause paint to peel as well as damage the walls, so ensure that you have sufficient ventilation in place. After all, you will want to keep your bathroom in the best shape possible.
  • Consider hiding the toilet: The toilet is not exactly the most attractive appliance, even if it is necessary. Some clients opt to hide the toilet in a “room within a room,” whether that’s accomplished with walls and doors or half-walls that give the user a little more privacy. This is especially helpful if you only have one bathroom and end up having to share the space with other members of your family.
  • Upgrade your vanity and storage: It seems like no matter how big your countertops are, there’s never enough space—and the same is true when it comes to your storage. Think about the items you use every day, whether you want them on the counter and how much storage you’ll need if you don’t. Then choose a beautiful new countertop and sink to upgrade your space.
  • Update your lighting: Whether you apply makeup or shave every day, your lighting can have a big impact on how you use your bathroom. Think about the lighting you have now and whether you feel it’s sufficient. If not, talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor in Tyler, TX to discuss your options. One popular idea: using a dimmer switch to control the lighting in your new space—you can take the ambience from “7 a.m. Monday morning” to “relaxing Friday night bath time” with a simple gesture.

Your bathroom makeover in Tyler, TX depends on having skilled contractors at your disposal, which is why we encourage you to call Canfield Construction Management today. We look forward to discussing your project!

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