Is It Worth It to Build a Garage?

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Having a garage on your property can be a real game changer for several different reasons. For starters, it really reduces the wear and tear on your vehicle—keeping it out of the tough Texas weather is a great way to preserve its integrity and durability. It can also save you money in the form of lowered insurance payments—sheltering a car indoors usually means lower premiums, since it lessens the risk of anything bad happening to the vehicle.

With all that said, building an entirely new structure is an expensive proposition. There are several factors you should weigh before picking up the phone and calling a garage builder in Tyler, TX to start a project on your property.

What will you use it for?

Most people use their garages to store much more than just their cars. Having a garage can sometimes make it feel like your stuff has multiplied, given how sports and gardening equipment can pile up over time. It’s important to be realistic about how much you’re going to put in there and how versatile you need your space to be. If it’s going to be just for your cars, make sure you tell that to your garage builder in Tyler, TX so they can design accordingly. If you’re thinking you’ll need space for a workshop or lots of shelving for storage, tell them that, too—they can present multiple plans with different prices to help you decide whether proceeding is worth it.

What are the zoning laws?

Believe it or not, the construction of a garage can often be hamstrung by your local zoning laws. Fortunately, working with a trusted general contractor in Tyler, TX can help take care of a lot of this, as they’ll typically already know the ins and outs of the zoning process and can even help you secure the permits you need for your project.

Zoning can restrict you in a few ways. First of all, many rules limit how much of your land buildings can cover—you can’t just have buildings on every inch of your property. Second, access to the street might be necessary or not, depending on the area. Third, attaching a garage to a house is a cheaper construction option, but not every area’s zoning regulations even allow for it. Knowing what’s legal and what’s not in your particular area will help you decide if a garage is right for you.

Will you add living space?

Putting living space over a garage, either when you first build it or at a later time, is a great way to increase your home’s value. Not only are you adding square footage, but you’re adding a completed structure that usually increases your curb appeal. Any quality garage contractor in Tyler, TX will be able to craft a plan that suits your needs and fits your budget if you’re interested in adding an in-law suite, a gym or even a home office over your new garage.

Working with a good contractor means figuring out a plan of attack together. They can help you decide whether or not a garage is the right fit for your lifestyle and your budget, and what plan could be most suitable for your needs and property. Call Canfield Construction Management today to get started building the project of your dreams!

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