The Highest ROI Home Improvement Projects for 2021

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Making any improvements before putting your house on the market is always a good idea. A recently-updated home is more attractive to potential buyers and can be listed for more on the market.

All home improvement projects aren’t created equal, though. This post from your local remodeling contractors in Tyler, TX will cover a few of the projects that give owners the highest ROI.

Minor bathroom remodel

Professionally remodeled bathrooms can help your home fly off the market. Unfortunately, full bathroom remodels are expensive and time-consuming projects. Instead, make minor updates to your bathroom by upgrading to rainfall showerheads, updating the vanity and improving the lighting. These smaller projects have an ROI of 102 percent—the highest on our list.

Minor kitchen remodel

Remodeling the kitchen is another top way to help sell your home. Again, full remodels are costly projects. For a 98.5 percent ROI, update your kitchen appliances and replace your cabinetry. These minor changes make your home more attractive and give it a great new look.

Major bathroom remodel

Instead of making minor changes to your bathroom amenities, you could go all out and perform a full remodel. Updating the entire shower, replacing the flooring and reworking the plumbing can go a long way toward selling your home. This project has an average cost of $26,000 and a 93.2 percent ROI.

Major kitchen remodel

Everything from replacing the appliances to updating the countertops and cabinetry should be considered in a full kitchen remodel. Local remodeling contractors in Tyler, TX could also update your kitchen to an open-concept model—a feature many buyers are looking for these days. This project has an average cost of $43,000 and a 91 percent ROI.

Bedroom conversion

Converting an unused attic or basement into an extra bedroom is a great way to attract buyers with larger families. The cost of this project really depends on how much work needs to be done to the existing area, but the average price tag is $39,200. You can expect a 93.5 percent ROI if you hire a qualified contractor to tackle this job.

New entry door

For something you can do without a contractor, buy a new entry door from the local hardware store. A new door makes a great first impression on anyone touring your home, and it’s not very expensive. Quality new doors cost about $1,400 and have a 90.7 percent ROI.

Deck or patio addition

Buyers these days are always looking for outdoor living space. Adding a deck or patio, or expanding your current ones, will make your home a lot more attractive to most buyers. Outdoor additions cost $11,000 on average, with a 90.3 percent ROI. Be sure to hire a contractor to tackle the job to get the best results!

Hire Canfield Construction Management for your project

In addition to choosing the right project for your budget and house, you need to pick the perfect local remodeling contractors in Tyler, TX. With our wide range of services and fair pricing, Canfield Construction Management is your go-to contractor. Give us a call today to get a quote for your project or to learn more about our services.

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