Why Is Multigenerational Housing Becoming More Important?

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Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of multigenerational housing in the United States. But what is multigenerational housing? This refers to a household in which there are more than two adult generations under the same roof. Often it will involve a set of parents, children and grandparents. It might also involve parents with adult children who have grown and graduated from college and are working to save up money before moving out on their own.

Factors that have led to an increase in multigenerational housing in Tyler, TX include the out-of-control costs of a university education (and the resulting student loans), as well as significant expenses for assisted living and nursing homes for seniors.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the benefits of multigenerational housing.

Lower financial burden

Maintaining separate households results in significantly greater costs for both parties than splitting the costs and responsibilities of a single household. Having more adult family members and their resources under a single roof can help you better manage your expenses and help everyone to save more money.

Stronger family bonds

Households with multiple generations can have strengthened family bonds. By living under a single roof, there’s a much greater level of closeness. Grandparents get to spend more time with their grandchildren, and serve as models for their future. Numerous studies indicate grandparents have a significant influence on their grandchildren, and that more time spent between them is extremely beneficial for all parties.

In addition, loneliness can be a very common, devastating problem for elderly people, especially if they’re stuck in a large home by themselves, or in a nursing home or assisted living facility. It’s easy for them to start feeling disconnected from their families or communities. By bringing them under your roof, they get to participate in your daily activities, and do not have to feel as though they’re alone.


Just because your adult children or your elderly parents live under your roof does not mean you or they will lack privacy. There are plenty of ways you can remodel your home to help them maintain a sense of independence. Adding private bathrooms, separate bedrooms or suites can allow for a bit of separation and offer them a place of their own where they can go for privacy and a bit of escape when needed. As much as having that closeness can be nice and help to build strong family bonds, a little bit of privacy can go a long way.


For elderly people living in a home with their adult children, they can benefit from greater safety and security in the event they have a fall or other accident or health incident. There are always people close at hand to check on them and give them assistance.

Interested in learning more about the trend of multigenerational housing in Tyler, TX and what you can do to retrofit your home for multigenerational usage? Contact the general contractors at Canfield Construction Management for more information about our remodeling services.

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