Deck vs. Patio: How to Decide?

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If you seek the ideal outdoor living space, you will likely weigh the pros and cons of a deck or a patio. Both work well in creating a place to supervise and barbecue, and many times, the layout of your yard determines which option works best. But if you have a choice, here are six elements to consider before hiring a deck building contractor in Tyler, TX:

  • Privacy: The primary difference between decks and patios is that patios are flush with the ground, while decks are raised above the ground. For this reason, the ground-level location of decks makes them ideal for homeowners who want privacy. Due to their vantage point, decks often put people on display or give you a view right into your neighbor’s yard. However, if your home is surrounded by vegetation or on a view lot, you may maintain privacy no matter which one you choose.
  • Permits and inspections: Decks are attached to your home and depend on your home’s structure. This design frequently defines them as part of your home, so they are subject to permit requirements and an inspection once finished. Since they do not attach to your home, patios do not require permits and inspections. In either case, check local zoning regulations before you build. You do not want to risk fines or an order to remove your deck or patio.
  • Cost: Patios are simple and cost less to build. Many projects involve laying pavers and adding a shelter. They do not demand the same construction commitment. Decks require expensive materials and permits that make them the more expensive option. They are rarely do-it-yourself projects, and your efforts may create a structurally unsound deck. If you need quick and easy, choose a patio. However, if you seek a longer-term investment, a deck will meet those expectations.
  • Terrain: Since they do not adhere to the ground, decks are the best option if rough or hilly terrain surrounds your home. There are designs available that work with hills and rough patches to make your yard more habitable and enjoyable. Patios only work on flat ground, so you must prepare the area before building if you have hills or rocky soil. If you are stuck when deciding between them, measure the grade of your land to see which option is most ideal.
  • Weight: Decks have weight restrictions, which becomes a problem if you want to install a lap pool or hot tub. Both of these features work much better when placed on a patio. We can design decks to withstand extra weight, but there are still restrictions, especially if you plan large outdoor parties. Another option is to combine a deck and patio, so people can hang out on the deck and take a staircase down to a patio with a hot tub!
  • Resale value: Decks are a selling point and offer a higher return on investment. If you plan on selling in a few years and want your home to stand out, consider a deck over a patio.

Canfield Construction Management is a deck building contractor in Tyler, TX. We build wood, vinyl and composite decks, and each one of them is unique to the home that benefits from it. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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