Five Considerations When Building a New Garage

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Whether you’re adding a garage to an older home or expanding on your current one, there is no doubt that garages add comfort and convenience to your house. Once finished, you will enjoy added value and equity. However, your dream project can become a nightmare if you do not take the time to plan your project with an experienced garage construction contractor in Tyler, TX. Here are five items to consider before you build:

  • Zoning laws: You may enjoy that three-car garage and shop combination, but your community’s zoning laws may have something to say about that. Garages usually require permits, and they are subject to limitations. You may not even be allowed to build one! Before we start designing, we check local regulations to see if there are limitations on size and what we need to do regarding drainage and roofing. It is easier to design around these requirements than get your heart set on something only to discover it is illegal.
  • Expectations: We all have different expectations for our garages. There are design differences between the client who wants auto storage versus the one who seeks a workshop and social area. Other clients want additional storage or a larger space for laundry. Before you build or expand, decide on your “why.” It makes the design much more straightforward.
  • Car size: Your neighbor with the compact hybrid requires a different garage than the one with diesel work trucks. If you count large SUVs and trucks among your vehicle holdings, you need a broader and taller garage. However, if your allegiance is more towards small and crossover vehicles, you can likely get away with a smaller garage.
  • Ventilation: There are circumstances where garage ventilation is a must have. If you prefer starting and warming up your car on colder days, adequate ventilation prevents toxic fume exposure. The same is true if you run gas-powered tools or spend hours working on projects while exposed to these fumes and chemicals. Besides safety, ventilation brings in the fresh air that creates a more pleasant working environment. With the options available today, there is no reason to tolerate a garage that is a smelly and suffocating chamber.
  • Attached vs. detached: Zoning laws may determine this element, but if you have a choice, there are advantages and disadvantages to each design. In colder climates, people frequently prefer attached garages because they mean less exposure to the elements, but attached garages also offer fewer design options because they limit you to your house’s size and style elements. If you want a sizable shop-like space that also shelters your cars, detached garages allow room for design and customization. Also, unlike an attached garage, it does not need to match your house perfectly.

Canfield Construction Management is a garage construction contractor in Tyler, TX. Whether you want a new garage or to remodel an older one, our design and construction experience ensures you will get exactly what you want. Reach out to us today to schedule an estimate.

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