Most Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Home Renovation

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When taking on a home renovation project, it’s likely there will be things that come up during construction that will slow down the process. You can help avoid that, however, by visualizing the process and planning ahead. Some things may seem like small details, but everything adds up in the overall start-to-finish time of any construction project, and everything matters as your dream project turns into reality.

Here are some more home renovation tips in Tyler, TX that are commonly overlooked.

Location of utilities

When planning a home remodel, it may be tempting to imagine each room as a blank slate for you to fill in, but that may not always be possible—or at least not very efficient. It may be a good idea to keep the utilities like plumbing and electricity in their current place when considering a room remodel.

This is especially important to consider in bathrooms and kitchens, which are the rooms that rely most on the location of the plumbing and electricity. Installing an extra outlet in a bedroom is one thing, but moving the location of a sink is a big project in its own right since it also involves installing new plumbing.

Energy efficiency

There are many design aspects to consider when undertaking home renovations, but one thing that is impossible to do is change the path of the sun throughout the day. If you’re planning on installing windows or doors as part of a home renovation, make sure to take into account how the new installations will be affected by the sun at different times of the day. In the same vein, consider the airflow with the new windows or doors in your redesigned space and how the wind typically acts in your area.

Speaking of breeze, another thing to consider is the HVAC system. If you’re planning on adding square footage to your home, make sure the HVAC system is rated to handle the new total square footage of the home. If it’s not robust enough, it may end up working harder than it was designed to, which can lead to problems down the road.

Storage space

When remodeling a space in your home, it’s important to consider the functionality as well as the aesthetics of the design. For example, when renovating an entryway, consider leaving space for shoes, coats and umbrellas. And in garages, it might be useful to plan for some custom storage solutions that work for you.


One often overlooked home renovation tip in Tyler, TX is to consider the lighting of a room. This can mean installing wall sconces for indirect light, putting in a ceiling fan with lights for overhead light and air circulation or even installing a skylight for natural light during the day.

For more information on how to plan renovations in Tyler, TX, get in touch with Canfield Construction Management today to arrange a consultation. From single-room makeovers to new additions and even new home construction, we’re your first choice for home renovations!

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