Increase Your Home’s Utility and Cash Value with a Garage

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There’s no shortage of home improvement projects that can improve your home’s resale value while ensuring you can make the most out of your space. Adding a garage is one of the most common projects that increase value and utility. But is a garage worth the cost?

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Benefits of a garage

Before we dig too deep into the cost of a garage, these are a few of the perks of adding an attached or detached garage to your property:

  • Vehicle protection: The top reason to add a garage is to keep your vehicles out of the elements and avoid expensive vehicular damage. By parking in a garage, you’ll spare your car from hail dents and avoid the risk of a tree limb crashing onto your hood during a bad storm.
  • Extra storage: Does your home feel cluttered or messy because you don’t have enough storage space? A garage can solve that! Garages provide a ton of extra storage for all of your belongings. Just be sure to install shelving or cabinetry to keep everything in order.
  • Workshop area: If you’re involved in woodworking, arts and crafts or some other hobby that necessitates a little workshop, a garage is perfect for you. You or your chosen contractor can add a workbench and a built-in tool chest to provide you with everything you need to fully enjoy your hobby.
  • Increased home value: If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, make a garage addition one of your many home investments. Today’s buyers usually expect to have a garage. Make your home more attractive to them by adding one today.

Cost vs. ROI

We’ve already mentioned that your new garage could increase your home’s value. Let’s dig into that a little bit more. Garages typically aren’t cheap to install, so is a garage worth the cost? The answer is yes! Adding a garage has a return on investment (ROI) of 65 percent. So a $50,000 garage would increase your home’s value by $30,000.

That ROI might not sound all that great, but a garage has one of the highest ROIs of any home improvement project. For example, a bathroom remodel—one of the more popular projects out there—only has an ROI of about 57 percent.

Attached or detached?

Now that you’ve decided to add a garage, it’s time to decide if you want an attached or detached one. An attached garage is typically more convenient, but it may cost more. You can build a detached garage to any size you want, often at a lower cost.

The best home remodeling contractor

To ensure you make the most out of your home investments, you need to hire a reputable contractor for the job. That’s where Canfield Construction Management comes into play. In addition to new garage construction, we provide a variety of remodeling services that’ll boost your home’s value and its utility. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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