Tips for Preparing for Siding Installation and Replacement

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As your home ages, some projects, including siding installation or installation, will help improve its aesthetic value and boost its energy efficacy competence. Replacing sidings is a weighty undertaking for any homeowner, and this process is prone to delays to unforeseen structural faults or weather conditions outside the homeowner’s control. However, several measures are within the homeowner’s control that, if taken when prepping the house for siding replacement, will minimize any likely hindrances.

How To Prep Home for Siding Replacement

The homeowner will need to prepare for any home development projects to ensure it goes smoothly, and siding replacement is one of them. The following are different tips on how to prep home for siding replacement:

  • Prune plants and shrubs in your yard. Any plants in your yard, especially if very close to the exterior walls, might hinder the contractors during a siding project. Pruning or tying them back will give the contractor easy access and allow for a yard search for any wandering nails and staples when done with the work.
  • Clear your porch. Items lying on your terrace, such as alfresco furniture, potted plants, gardening or barbecue tools, will hinder the workers installing the siding. Remove everything lying on the porch before the siding replacement work begins.
  • Unhang all the wall decorations. Removing the old and installing new siding may result in wall vibrations, causing valuable items hanging on them to fall and break. Avoid this by removing all wall hangings before the work begins.
  • Keep children and pets away. Every construction site is unsafe. Therefore make alternative arrangements so that your children and pets are not nearby.
  • Clear the driveway. To keep your car safe from damage by loose wreckage and make more space for the dumpster and more access, you must find a place to park your car for the days the project will last.
  • Communicate with the contractor. Discuss all the details regarding the siding replacement project with the contractor before and during the activity.
  • Disconnect exterior electricity. Switch off your outdoor lighting electricity to prevent any electric shock accidents.

How To Tell It’s Time for Siding Replacement

When the siding of your house starts to deteriorate, it cannot protect the structure and it loses curb appeal. If you notice these signs, it is time to have a new siding installed to replace the old one.

  • Wallpaper starts to bubble
  • Your electricity bill increases
  • The siding cracks, molds, and rots
  • Regular repairs and painting of the siding

Prepping house for siding replacement will also require hiring a competent and experienced contractor to avoid disappointments. If the siding installation is done poorly, it will affect its durability and overall performance. Consider thorough research, including the contractor’s reputation, the company they are attached to, the references and referrals, their proximity, their professional license, and the quality of materials they will use.

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