Quick Production Homes vs Custom Built Homes

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When it comes to custom homes vs quick production homes, the main difference is the ability, or lack thereof, to create your own home design. Another big difference between quick production homes vs custom built homes is the type of builder who undertakes the project and the amount of time spent during the design process. 

Benefits of Custom Homes

The main benefit of opting for a custom home is the level of personalization that you can bring to the design of the house. Many people find that a production home does not offer the flexibility for customization that they want. That is the main benefit of opting for a custom home.

Choosing a custom home also allows you to choose the site of your new house. With production builds, the land is typically acquired by the building company, and homeowners choose an available lot from that inventory. These two benefits can carry a lot of weight for potential buyers who are reviewing their options. 

Another major consideration when opting for a custom home is the expense and the amount of time that the entire process can take. Having unlimited control over every aspect of the home-building process does come with a price. And, having to choose every last detail will take more time than opting to personalize a production home. 

Creating Your Dream House

Designing and creating a dream house is a lifelong ambition for many people. When the time arrives to begin the project, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That is one advantage of a production house. Taking that route means that there are different options from which to choose, but most of the details are incorporated into those selections.

A truly custom home can become a major project, especially in the design phase. Everything from light fixtures to baseboards needs to be selected. The design of the kitchen alone can be a huge undertaking! It’s not just appliances that need to be chosen, but everything down to cabinet hardware. 

This is where personal preference comes into play. If you truly want a custom home and are comfortable with the level of expense that it will take, along with the increase in time to completion, then opting for a custom builder is the way to go. If you are fine with having a production home that provides a certain level of customization, then choosing a production home builder makes sense. Whichever option is right for you, designing a new home is an exciting project!

If you are considering a new-build home, consider the amount of flexibility that you desire along with the length of time that you want to commit to the design of the house. Each type of home has pros and cons, with the final decision typically coming down to personal preference. Creating the home of your dreams is an exciting undertaking! Contact us today to find out more about the options that are currently available in our area.

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