4 Renovations That Add Value to Your Home

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If you’re not planning to live in your home forever, you’ll need to know how to increase home value. That way, you can get a fantastic return on your investment and some extra cash for other ventures and purposes.

Some home remodel ideas add more value to the establishments than others do. These are four that can always add a little more to your asking price:

1. Siding Upgrades

The siding on the outside of a home is everything. Worn and degraded materials can make the liveliest home look run down and not at all worth its asking price. However, adding unique siding to your exterior can differentiate it from the rest of the houses on the block and magnetize people on the market for homes.

Think about upgrading your siding with something that not everyone has. Maybe brick, stucco, or stone will be appealing. 

2. Landscaping Innovations

The next area to consider upgrading is your landscaping. The landscaping scope is broad. Therefore, you can choose to focus on making your grass greener, or you can add unique structures to your yard to make it stand out.

You might want to consider investing in a beautiful fountain or statue and then working with a landscaping company to create an alluring scene around it. 

3. Garage Renovations

Believe it or not, garage renovations have a great home remodel ROI. According to Bankrate, doing something as basic as installing a new garage door can increase your resale value by almost $4,000.

Thus, adding a garage door that conveniences you and your family might be the right move because it will also earn you more money when you sell your home. You can accomplish two goals at once. 

4. Room Additions

Room additions can be gold mines, and you should always consider making them a part of your renovation plan. Adding a new room will swiftly turn your one-bedroom home into a two-bedroom house, a two-bedroom place into a three-bedroom dwelling, etc. You might then get the same interested buyers who wanted the number of rooms you had before, plus a wealth of additional buyers.

To increase your home’s value even more, you can do something unique with the room. For example, you can make the door to the room exit into the backyard. Homebuyers love unique features, and something like that will be a hot characteristic. 

Final Thoughts on Valuable Home Remodel Ideas 

All renovations can potentially add value to your home, and the most crucial factor is that you contact the right people to help you with your projects. You’ll need to choose a team of specialists who have been in the field for many years, achieving success with every project.

Canfield Construction Management is a well-known company that can assist with your renovation project. You can reach out to them when you’re ready to transform your home into an ROI giant. 

You have now been empowered with information on how to increase home value. Remember to consult with a well-established construction company to achieve the best results from your renovation efforts. 

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