Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Flooring

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Floors have a tendency to deteriorate. Over time, your flooring develops cracks, takes in debris and dirt, and looks worn out. At some point, you will decide that it is time to replace it. Are you not sure that it is time to update your flooring? Here is a list of signs to watch:

The Signs Indicating That It Is Time To Replace Your Flooring

Beware of the signs that flooring replacement is needed:

  • Water damage. If your home was affected by a flood, the water might have soaked deep into the flooring material, causing its damage. If your flooring gets wet from a flood, it is essential that it has dried completely because moisture can cause serious problems in the future. The most common signs indicating that your floor was affected by water damage are discoloration, mold, and stained sections of the floor. 
  • Sanded many times. Even the most quality hardwood floor can handle a certain amount of sanding. If your flooring was sanded too many times, you should consider replacing it. Floors that were sanded often become thinner and more susceptible to structural damage and cracking. 
  • Unpleasant and weird odors. If your flooring is beginning to smell bad, it is a sign that it is probably time to replace it. The most common reasons for unpleasant odors are mold, moisture, and pet urine. 
  • Squeaky noises. Did you notice that your floor started making squeaky noises as you walk over it? Often, it is an indicator of a weak overall structure in old floors. In this case, there is nothing you can do except replace your old flooring with a new one. 
  • Uneven surface. If you notice that your floor appears uneven and soft in some areas, it can signify that your floor should be replaced. It is important not to ignore this problem because the uneven floor can lead to other more serious issues in the future, including mice or insect infestation. 

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